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This is Advanced Animations-Illustrations Agency, Cheshire

Reinterpreting complex processes, machinery, and architecture layouts through realistic moving images can be a highly effective marketing tool. Our team in Congleton have nearly 40 years experience in bringing technical literature and marketing materials to life through CGI images and videos. We have an in-depth knowledge of architecture and engineering concepts, which makes complex processes easy to understand for marketing, training and instructional purposes.

Welcome to Advanced Animations, Congleton – the UK’s leading technical animation and illustration studio. We will open a whole new world of possibilities for businesses to communicate simple or complex technical processes in a clear and easy to understand method.
Advanced Animations is an independent studio with over 38 years of experience in producing technical literature. Primarily set up as a technical illustration studio we have evolved to encompass technical animation supplying businesses across Cheshire, the rest of the UK and overseas.
From our offices in Congleton, Advanced Animations is ideally located for local, regional and international business enquiries……if you have a project in mind and you want to talk it through, hit the contact button above and we’d be more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

Specialists in technical and architectural

illustration and animation

Incredibly detailed Animation –

from the outside in

Advanced Animations received CAD data direct from the manufacturer and constructed a highly accurate and photorealistic digital image that was used for sales brochures and many other media applications. When potential customers or clients can see the illustrated details of how a process or machine works, their attention will be captured for longer, increasing the chances of sales.

Our Work

We have worked with hundreds of architects, manufacturers and engineering businesses across the UK to produce realistic technical animations right here in our studio. We have used a range of highly advanced software and 3D rendering technology that includes exact proportions and vivid colours. The resulting images have been used for instructions, sales videos, marketing materials, and demonstration software.

Our Clients

We are proud to have produced technical illustrations for many high-profile clients across the UK, including household names such as DeWalt, Veolia, and Rolls Royce. We have helped these companies meet and exceed marketing, advertising and education goals through our perfect blend of creativity and precision.

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Do you require a technical animation or illustration for an upcoming project? Reach out to our Cheshire studio today, by calling us, sending an email, or completing our contact form here. We aim to respond promptly and look forward to hearing from you.